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It isn't always easy finding the right household products. Comparing different items to help with household chores isn't the most exciting of things to spend your time on and all the technical jargon can make it incredibly confusing to find which is best for you. So if you're currently considering whether the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is a good choice, here's a comprehensive breakdown of all you need to know.

The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is a middle of the range fabric steamer produced by the eponymous Steamfast corporation. Specialising in a variety home steaming products they have a selection of products to meet everyone's needs. All their steamer products meet a baseline of quality to allow for a lengthy warranty period, with price differences mainly reflecting the amount of steaming possible in one go.

What makes the SF-407 stand out is its remarkable quality: its build rivals that of a professional steamer for a fraction of the price. The main appeal of steamers lies in their ability to quickly and efficiently remove wrinkles in both new and older clothes (or even drapes and curtains).

Since it only uses water you don't need to worry about any chemicals which could damage the fabric, whilst the 45 second heating period makes for a far faster experience than using an iron.

Steamfast offer a range of fabric steamers and whilst the SF-407 is not in their compact range, it stands as a budget product for those who are either new to using a steamer or do not need some of the added features of the higher priced models.


The key features of the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer include a telescopic pole with detachable fabric brush, a clothes hanger to allow easy storage and access to clothes whilst steaming them and a press pad to make for a temporary ironing board. This model can be seen as the upgrade from the SF-435 compact steamer, as while it doesn't have the portable nature of the SF-435 it comes with far more accessories and over 5x the water capacity for only twice the price.

In terms of height the SF-407 comes in second tallest in the Steamfast range which is ideal for hanging clothes, though this may cause issues if space is limited. Compared to other non-compact steamers a height of 64.76 inches is fairly standard, whilst a weight of just 8.2 pounds makes it one of the lightest of the series.

This steamer can be used on a variety of fabrics and clothes, meaning if you've been thinking of getting around to cleaning your curtains or more expensive clothes but don't want to pay the price of the dry cleaners (or if you have regularly been using dry cleaners and want to start saving money), a steamer could be the answer you need.

In comparison to professional steamers the SF-407 stacks up well. Whilst you may miss some of the added features and accessories seen alongside professional steamers there is no compromise on overall quality when considering the price. That being said, the SF-540 "Deluxe" Steamfast steamer comes with far more in terms of accessories and length of steaming time. If you're willing to pay a little bit more for improved manoeuvrability and a garment clip with crease tool the premium model may be more appealing, especially with a water tank almost twice the size of the SF-407 and longer-reaching pole.

But there is no denying that the savings afforded by the SF-407 model are worthwhile. For a first-time purchase it is worth considering going for a standard model such as this; too many accessories can make a new product overwhelming so a simpler model may be ideal.

Long-term you will have to occasionally clean it out and 'de-clog' the steamer should any deposits build up. This is unfortunately one of the downsides of any steamer, since whilst short-term these are more effective than irons, long-term they require some care to keep in good shape.

To summarise so far, the overall pros and cons follow:



Should I buy it?

All this being considered, Steamfast is a very reliable brand. With respect to full-size fabric steamers there is minimal competition in terms of quality and price so any Steamfast steamer should work well, whilst Steamfast offer comprehensive customer support should you encounter any problems.

Overall whether you're looking for your first steamer or a replacement you can't go far wrong with the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer. Depending on your individual needs it is not necessarily worthwhile paying more for the additional features and accessories offered by the more premium models, since you may find you do not use them anyway.

So for overall value and quality the SF-407 offers all you could need for a basic steamer at a more than reasonable price. Whilst there are some minor drawbacks the overall quality overshadows this, whilst the guaranteed warranty and customer service give peace of mind should you encounter any problems.

Description: The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric steamer is a fast effective way to remove those wrinkles and odours from clothes. Within 45 seconds it's 1500 watt heater reaches temperature and it's one litre tank provides up to 45 minutes of continuous steam. The 407 comes with a detachable cleaning pad and clothes hook to cater for all you fabric steaming needs.
Manufactured by: Steamfast
Model: SF-407
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Rating: 4
Price: 59.99