Rowenta IS9200 Review

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For a reliable professional steamer that stands the test of time, the Rowenta IS9200 Precision Valet Garment Steamer is an excellent choice. This highly functional steamer not only has the power to handle garment steaming it's also able to help freshen and steam your upholstery and furniture. All its functionality and features packaged together make it the steamer of choice for many and is worth consideration.


The Rowenta IS9200 is a powerful steamer at 1550 watts that has multiple steaming settings from low to high to help with all your steaming needs. An easy to adjust hanger allows you to handle a variety of garment types, which is a really handy feature. From a performance perspective, the IS9200 comes with is a large 1-gallon water tank which allows for a two-plus hour usage time which is beneficial when trying to tackle a large steaming task. From a usage point of view, the steamer has wheels that make it highly portable and foot controls and has a retractable power cord which makes for easier storage and care.


Highly versatile and powerful, the Rowenta IS9200 is a well-designed steamer that captures the needs of most users. It has the power to handle the toughest jobs not only with it's variable steam settings but also with the fact that it heats up quickly and has a handle that stays cooler for longer steaming jobs. This power and versatility mean it can realistically handle the tough jobs like furniture and upholstery and that alone is worth it for many users.

Having a powerful steamer doesn't help if you're constantly refilling it, the big water tank at a gallon means you won't have to refill it very often. This means that you can get all your steaming done without having to stop to refill. Finally, the IS9200 takes into consideration some of the smaller things like storage and utility. The foot controlled pedals and retractable power cords make it easier to not only use but also to store and put away.


As with any product, there is are some things that could have been improved upon and the IS9200 isn't any different. One of the key considerations on this front is the fact that this steamer can get too hot for some materials making it something you need to keep in mind, a lower setting would have been handy with certain fabrics such as silks, fine wools, and the like. Also, while the steamer has wheels allowing it to be mobile there are some limitations with various types of floors though it doesn't often come up. Finally, the price point for this steamer is something to keep in mind, this is a powerful professional grade unit and priced accordingly at the high end.

Similar Product Comparison

When compared with similar steamers, the line-up from Jiffy is the closest comparison. Carrying a similar set of products from a power and performance perspective the Jiffy line up uses aluminum for a significant portion of if construction. While this is more durable, in the long run, a consideration should be made for the fact plastic is less likely to get sediment build up and corrosion. The most comparable Jiffy, the J-4000 model, is in a similar price range and both have extended usage at 2 hours or more of usage per tank of water. Where the main difference between the two lies is the Rowenta IS9200 has easier usage and portability features with the retracting cord and easy use functionality.

Care and Maintenance

Anything that is well taken care of will last longer, the IS9200 comes with features that help in this respect but certain things will need to be done by the owner. Keeping everything stored properly, wiped down and dry after each use goes a long way to ensuring a long life for the unit. Finally, the manufacturer does suggest using a descaler periodically to help ensure there's no sediment build up.

Should I buy it?

The Rowenta IS9200 is a professional steamer that performs well and reliably; it's a great garment steamer with additional benefits in that it can also handle upholstery and furniture. While at the top end from a price perspective the steamer is comparable to other professional grade steamers in both function and price. It's a great addition for anyone needing a solid strong steamer.

Description: Built with a 1 gallon water tank, amounting to 2.5 hours of continuous steam, that disperses in less than one minute yet remains cool to the touch, the Rowenta IS9200 Precision is indeed a wrinkle wrecking force to be reckoned with. Its lint and fabric brush are thoughtful additions to evade any unforeseen crisis. This machine was crafted with you in mind.
Manufactured by: Rowenta
Model: IS9200 Precision
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Rating: 3