Steamfast SF-370 Review

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The Steamfast SF-370WH Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner is a versatile steam cleaner with a number of different parts and functions. It is used for household cleaning and can be used on garments.


The features of the Steamfast SF-370WH are:

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Similar product comparisons

The Steamfast SF-370WH Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner has more accessories than the SF-20 every day steam cleaner, is much more powerful and has greater water capacity. It weighs more and provides much greater steam time.

The S-Line Domestic garment steamer is not as versatile, but built and designed specifically for steam cleaning garments, so a better result will be produced for garments.It is suitable for home use. It costs around $100 and has the following features:

Thus we can see that this product is designed specifically for home steam cleaning of garments.

Care and Maintenance of the SteamFast SF-370WH

The product usually comes with a one year warranty. As long as the product is not mishandled and the instructions for use are followed, care and maintenance of this product are quite straightforward, by referring to the manual provided.

N.B, It is much better to use distilled water rather than tap water, as tap water leaves deposits of minerals on the inside of the tank and the machine, and this can ruin the machine over time.

Should I Buy it?

If you would like a steam cleaner that is versatile, within your budget and can be used on many household surfaces and delicate garments, the SteamFastSF-370WH is a product for consideration.

If you would like less versatility and a product specifically designed to steam clean garments, it would be useful to carry out further market research on garment steam cleaners similar to the domestic S-Line garment steamer, described in this review.

Description: Irons can't help but evaporate next to the Steamfast SF-370WH, a 1500 watts multipurpose steamer, with easy mobility, and a 48 ounce water tank providing continuous steam, catering to our ever evolving management of our clothing not only aesthetically, but beneath the surface, sanitizing gently. Effective and efficient, deadly for germs but gentle on fabric, excellence made for the excellent.
Manufactured by: Steamfast
Model: SF-370WH
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Rating: 5