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Make ironing manually a chore of the past when you use the J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer. An excellent alternative to ironing clothing physically, you can run through your entire wardrobe quickly with the J-2 steamer. As with almost every product Jiffy manufactures this model is constructed for home or possible light commercial use. While it is powerful enough to steam wrinkles out as an iron would, it is also sufficiently gentle steam to be useable on practically any type of fabric. With a quick startup time and two-hour water fill tank you can get to work on your garments and fabrics right away and not have to stop until the job is done.


The J-2 steamer comes with a solid die cast aluminium base, 1300 watts of power, and a two-minute wait time before steam is produced when turned on. Fully assembled it is 35.6 cm x 20.3 cm x 162.6 cm and weighs approximately 8.165 kilograms. The J-2 has a plastic 1 gallon water bottle, no-drip check valve, and a long flexible hose with plastic steam head and handle. The hose can extend up to 167.640 cm for those awkward places where you may need to accommodate fabric which is mounted against the wall or as part of your furnishings. It also comes with an on/off switch and will begin to heat as soon as turned on.


The steamer is light and easy to maneuver, which makes it handy to take from location to location as needed. The Jiffy line of steam cleaner is a popular item among retailers. Additionally, Jiffy steamers are well-made and can last for years - one consumer claimed to have hers for 20 years. The plastic handle model stays cool to the touch. Steam ironing pants is effortless, and many outfits can be made to look fresh rather than needing laundry services. The device offers steady steam without drips, sputters, or pauses during use.

The Jiffy was built for long-term use. With a metal hose coupling (comes with magnetic wrench), solid metal rack stand with screw on connections rather than plastic clips, and the hose will stay flexible whether the machine is turned on or sitting cold.


Some drawbacks include:

Similar Product Comparisons

A handheld steamer called the Esteam Personal Hand Held Steamer is also made by Jiffy and offers the user a compact garment steaming device. At 600 watts, the Esteam has high-impact plastic housing and a 15-minute steam time per filling alongside a one-minute heat-up time. It is 12.7 cm x 16.5 cm x 27.9 cm and weighs 861 grams and could easily fit into a suitcase for use when travelling.

The Jiffy line also has a personal and commercial use hat steamer. It too has 1300 watts. It is non-portable and offers a 1-gallon water bottle with no-drip check valve, and a brass steam nozzle. After pressing the on switch it will start to steam in about 1 minute. The Hat Steamer can be used on a tabletop and works for steaming as well as shaping hats. Two hours of steam time is available from this 6.80 kilogram, 35.6 cm x 20.3 cm x 33 cm unit.

Care and Maintenance

JIffy offers a comprehensive maintenance regimen in order to keep the J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer running at its maximum performance. While complete details of the cleaning can be found on the website or in the user manual, the basics are:

Perform a cleaning on the J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer every three to six months depending how much you use it and the mineral content of your water. You will unplug your steamer, remove the hose and water bottle and follow the instructions for flushing out the hose. Jiffy Liquid Cleaner is available to clean the internal parts of your steamer; a 295.75 ml bottle will do it. It is an acidic cleaner specially formulated to remove hard water deposits and sediment build up.

Daily care includes draining the holding tank of water to prevent a buildup of sediment, wiping any water spots off the unit immediately to avoid water stains on the metal base, and carefully looking for any leaks, cracks and other defects, which may cause the unit to malfunction. It is best stored indoors at room temperature.

Should I Buy it?

The J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer is strong enough for personal or light business use. It comes with high ratings wherever it is listed for sale. Remember that some people have the same model and it has lasted them for 20 years. If you are looking for a durable, long lasting steamer, this is the one you ought to choose.

Description: The Jiffy J-2 is one of the leading garment steamers on the market. This portable machine was designed allowing 360 degree movement, with a shatter-proof tank holding 1 gallon of water, housed in a durably built cast aluminium case. This steamer removes wrinkles 5 times more quickly than ironing, doing so without burning but softly cleaning, dressing you safely and sharply.
Manufactured by: Jiffy
Model: J-2
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Rating: 5