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Garment steamers are all the rage at the moment and the Conair Compact offers itself as the affordable alternative to that daily ironing grind. Produced by the the number one garment selling brand in the US, it combines the quality of a commercial steamer with the convenience of a hand-held portable unit. And all of this at a very affordable price. It freshens, smooths and de-wrinkles most types clothing, and has the added benefit being able to be used to freshen and de-wrinkle drapes and upholstry.


The Compact Fabric steamer from Conair has many features that places it above other similarly priced products. These include:


The compact steam cleaner from Conair is convenient and easy to use, and stores away in a small space. It is effective on most kinds of clothes fabrics, even those delicate fabrics that irons may damage. It is reasonably priced compared to other similar compact models, and has more features than similarly priced hand held steamers. However, its main difference from other models of compact steam cleaners it the door hanger. You can actually hang the garment steamer from the door, hang the garment on the steamer, and you are ready to steam away.


Of course no steamer can replace a good stem iron when it comes to pleats and heavier fabrics, but it is designed to remove most creased and freshen clothing. It also does not have the steam capacity or power of the more expensive compact steam cleaners. But if you are looking for an effective steamer that is value for money, you cannot go past the Conair Compact.

Similar Product Comparisons

A similarly priced steamer, the DBTech Handheld Steamer emits 1050 watts of powerful steam and is able can work continuously for around 15 minutes. This handheld steamer allows for thorough cleaning all around the house, and well as garment steam cleaning. The small water capacity does mean it is best used in short bursts.

The Rowenta Pro Compact is one of the main competitors of the Conair Compact, and for the additional cost it comes with more attachments and has a swivel head which helps it deal more easily with upholstery products. It also has an additional 10 minutes steam time and a more powerful steam output.

The Salav is a similar price to the Rowenta Pro, and for the additional cost you get another 20 minutes steam time and a more powerful jet of steam which means it will deal with heavier fabrics more efficiently.

However, if you are looking for a garment steamer for everyday clothing maintenance then you cannot beat the Conair Steamer.

Care and Maintenance

After each use the Conair garment steamer needs to be allowed to cool, then you merely remove the hose and nozzle, empty the water tank and store the unit away.

In most cases the unit will need to be descaled, this is caused by a build up of limescale. You will know when this is required as the unit will take longer to build up steam. The frequency of this occuring will depend on how hard the water is in a particular area. Rectifying this problem is simply a matter of filling the reservoir with 1/3 white vinegar to 2/3 water, then turning the unit on until half the liquid has turned into steam. Empty the water then repeat as many times as necessary to clear the lime scale.

Should I buy it?

Steam cleaners are never going to replace irons for a perfect finish on many garments, but they can cut time spent ironing many commonly worn garments by half. They are also indispensable for cleaning and pressing those more delicate fabrics that cannot be ironed. Because of the Conair Compact's small foot print and over the door hanger it can be kept in the bedroom and used to freshen and de-wrinkle clothes at a moments notice, even when running later for work or that all important meeting.

The affordable price of the Conair Compact takes the second guessing out of the should I or shouldn't I buy a garment steamer, and once you make the decision to go ahead you will never look back.

Description: You will very much appreciate the capabilities of the highly popular Conair Compact Garment Steamer that will make sure you always look well groomed. The compact garment steamer offers a delicate solution for crease removal and provides excellent steam penetration to effortlessly remove all wrinkles on fabrics, as well as refreshing and removing odours from garments.
Manufactured by: Conair
Model: Compact
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Rating: 4