Should I buy a Garment Steamer?

Saving You Time on the Laundry

A portable garment steamer is a great time-saving device for busy families and professionals alike. Rather than dragging out the ironing board every time you've done the laundry, a handheld garment steamer will heat up in as little as 30 seconds and allow you to smooth the wrinkles out of all of your pants, shirts, dresses, t-shirts and blouses. Even better, if storage is a problem in your home (isn't it a problem in everyone's?), a portable steamer won't take up the same kind of space as a traditional ironing board- it can just fit in a kitchen cupboard, and it removes the frustrating experience of ironing wrinkles into your clothing when you place your garment in an awkward position on the ironing board.

What Can I Use My Garment Steamer For?

As an ideal life-hack for people who hate to iron, a steamer is the perfect solution to wrinkled clothes. From dress suits to button-downs, a steamer will instantly freshen your formal garments as well as your casual clothing, giving it all a newer, shinier appearance- and saving you a fortune on trips to the dry-cleaner. If you like to shop online, you'll be familiar with t-shirts and other items which arrive folded and creased from the retailer, which is frustrating when you want to wear them right away. A steamer will easily fix these creases, meaning you can wear your new outfit immediately without getting out the ironing board.

A Thrifter's Dream

Since the recession hit, many of us have turned to thrift stores and upcycling old items when our wardrobes need replenishing. While any thrifter will tell you that there are fabulous bargains to be had in the secondhand market, they will also usually admit -if they're honest - that secondhand clothing often needs a little TLC when they bring it home, and a steamer is perfect for making old things look new again. Similarly, if you like to get handy with the sewing machine, a steamer can be the perfect way to breathe life into your creations.

Simple to Use

Most modern steamers are a piece of cake when it comes to operating them- you fill up the water tank, let it heat, and then press a button and apply the head to the garment you wish to steam- simple. While the usual precautions apply about keeping them out of the reach of young children, and not leaving them unattended for long periods, with most steamers you won't even have to open the instruction manual before you begin (although it's probably best if you do- even if it's just a cursory glance!).

Alternative Uses

Steam will kill bedbugs, so while if you suspect you may have this problem it's always a good idea to call in the professionals, steaming your mattress will kill any bacteria and bugs that might be hanging around, meaning it's a great all-round household accessory.