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Garment steamers are the machines used in industry for rapid smoothing, straightening and softening the fibres in cloth giving a professional finish to garments. Of course they can also be used in the home, giving superb results when used to sanitise and freshen upholstery as well as garments. The SALAV GS18-DJ/120 White Performance Series Garment Steamer with Folding Hanger is designed for easy steaming with dry-cleaning results, and has a range of features making it especially suitable for home use and storage.




Similar Product Comparisons

Domestic garment steamers are mostly very compatible in their pricing and specifications. Check the tank capacity if you want to steam for long periods, and the heat up time if you are likely to use the steamer for single items at any one time.

Other well known manufacturers of garment steamers include Elite, Conair and Steamfast.

The top-selling Elite Garment Steamer By PurSteam is twice the price of the SALAV GS-18, and although it comes with a longer warranty it has many similar specifications and is matched in user reviews by the SALAV GS18-DJ.

Care and Maintenance

The SALAV requires no special chemicals, de-ionised or filters water in its tank - just use regular tap water. However, if you prefer, scented ironing water will give an additional hint of fragrance to your steaming and to your garments! Emptying the water tank is recommended on storage, particularly when using infrequently, to avoid any leakage.

Should I Buy It?

The SALAV GS18-DJ/120 has received excellent reviews from the majority of users, which is always an important factor to take into account when considering a purchase. It could save you time and effort, enabling your clothing to be rapidly steamed to a professional looking, newly dry-cleaned appearance. In addition to steaming garments, a garment steamer can be invaluable for with larger tasks such as freshening curtains, or smoothing them in situ after washing. It can provide you with beautifully smooth bed linen, easily steamed whilst fitted instead of manoeuvring bulky, awkward items across an ironing board. In addition, garment steamers kill dust mites and bacteria. With its flexibility, easy storage, rapid heating and long-lasting steam, the SALAV GS18 is a very good choice for a domestic garment steamer in your home.

Description: Save Time with a Salav Steamer Salav bring you the GS18-DJ/120 - a great time saver, providing you with a quick and easy way to smarten up your clothes. Best frocks and designer jeans will look their freshest best much quicker than by traditional iron! Now there's no need to be pressed for time, just steam up and go!
Manufactured by: Salav
Model: GS18-DJ/120
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Rating: 5