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The Rowenta IS6300 is an extremely versatile and effective garment steam cleaning unit. While, quality results can be easily gained from the flexible nature of the unit and ability to fold down to allow for vertical ironing of surfaces. The ergonomic design also ensures that there isn't any unnecessary weight placed upon the user's hands or wrists.

An Extremely durable and well-built unit that has been created with usability in mind. As with all products there are various pros and cons for using the unit. We'll be looking into this particular range of garment steamers from Master Valet, and evaluating the unit in-depth.


This steam cleaning unit is an exceptional piece of kit in just about every aspect. The unit itself has been designed to be functional with the aid of such features as a wide steam head as well as automatic shut-off when the unit has exhausted the supply of water. This is indicated by an easy to use on/off illuminated switch which is conveniently operated by the user foot.

The rowenta-is6300 steam cleaner has also been crafted to conserve storage space when not in use. This is due to the unit being able to be folded down completely and easily. Built-in with a telescopic pole it allows the user to effortlessly adjust the height of the cleaner, which aids in comfort when in use.

Obviously, the main feature we have to discuss is the innovative "Roll and Press System"" What this means is that it provides vertical support, whereupon creating a rigid environment for the garment; just like an ironing board which enables for easier cleaning of garments. The Rowenta IS6300 also comes with the "Tilt and Roll System" which allows for increased mobility and ease of movement for the user.

Once adequately heated, steam can be produced from the machine in approximately 40 seconds, which can allow for quick and efficient cleaning. It also comes with the addition of a large hanger and a pair of built-in garment clips to aid in cleaning.


The actual unit itself is very easy to assemble, and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to do so with the aid of a quick tip sheet that is included with the product. There are also a variety of accessories that come with the unit and this includes a crease attachment, lint pad and large fabric brush. When it comes to steam cleaning heavy garments the machine has be built in such a way that there aren't any unnecessary pieces or accessories getting in the way of the cleaning process.

The tank holds a large amount of water, approximately 2.4 litres. With the large liquid storage capacity the Rowenta IS6300 it can deliver continuous steam cleaning for over 60 minutes. The amount of water still remaining in the unit can also be checked easily by viewing the quantity of water remaining in the transparent tank.

To accentuate the excellent performance and usability further, the cool-to-the-touch hose boasts insulated fabrics and ensures that hands and any other parts of the skin never come into contact with any heat or steam. Safety is a crucial feature of the Rowenta IS6300.


There are more positives than negatives to this unit, although there are some flaws that should be noted. Due to the clips being built-in they can not be moved into a better position. Therefore, the design of the built-in hanger doesn't fully accommodate for specific types of clothing and as such makes steam cleaning particular garments rather awkward.

For heavily wrinkled items of clothing that require longer amounts of steaming, it sometimes left these particular pieces slightly damp after the cleaning process. In such cases, these garments had to be left to dry for a short while before use. Another small gripe is the hose can be a little stiff to use.

Comparisons to Similar Products

The Rowenta IS6300 does match up with various other products in terms of performance and price, but where the Rowenta really shines is the addition of its innovative "Roll and Press System". Other manufacturers should really take note of this handy and convenient little feature.

Care and Maintenance

General maintenance of this product is very easy, while the manual indicates how to take care of you steamer properly. Regular tap water should be used to fill the tank, although if you live in a hard water area, Rowenta, advises to fill the tank 50 per cent with regular tap water and the remainder with distilled water. Ensuring the proper maintenance of this product will always keep it in an optimal state. Therefore, allowing users to take advantage of the steamer for an extended period of time.

Should I buy it?

The Rowenta IS6300 boasts a fantastic price tag coupled with one of the most efficient and user-friendly garment steam cleaners available on the market. Rowenta's integrated hanging area and ironing screen adequately supports the weight of various types of garments without feeling overly delicate.

It also provides effortless wrinkle removal to garments, while also tackling excessively wrinkled items effectively in less than 3 minutes. Accommodating for the modern home, this cleaner boasts a high steam output, as well as a highly manoeuvrable unit that can be folded down and stored away easily.

This powerful garment steam cleaner has all of the performance and features of other more expensive cleaners. Packed with functions and features as well as quick and easy assembly, it doesn't take the user much effort to attain professional results.

Description: Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full-Size Garment Steamer makes faster work of de-wrinkling. Features powerful steam capabilities with 'Roll and Press' vertical support for quick, quality steaming that sanitizes and removes odours from most fabrics. Adjustable height for easy use and storage; comes with hanger, clips and accessories.
Manufactured by: Rowenta
Model: IS6300
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Rating: 4