Steamfast SF-275 Review

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The Steamfast SF-275 is an affordable canister steam cleaner that uses pressurized steam to carry out daily household cleaning activities. The cleaner comes with a variety of attachments so that many different cleaning tasks can be carried out, as well as a attachment for all of your garment steaming requirements.


With a power rating of 1,500 watts, as well as large 1.3 litre water tank, which allows up to 45 minutes of constant steam, the Steamfast SF-275 provides a cleaning solution for a large number of different applications. The hose attachment on the steamer is 6.5 metres, which allows increased flexibility when working in large spaces. It also has wheels and casters, and is easy to move around for enhanced accessibility.

Steam has the ability to clean by loosening dirt and other contaminants, which may otherwise be caked on with oils or other sticky substances that are encountered in every day life. This is particularly suitable for cleaning garments as the power of steam offers unbeatable odour and tough stain control with a minimum of harsh chemicals or scrubbing, which adversely affect fibres.

With seventeen attachments increasing the versatility of the steam cleaner, it is particularly well suited to steaming garments. With an extension rod hanger accessory, a clothes hanger can be attached to the top of the extension rod. The garments can then be steamed easily and effectively at home without the necessity of paying for specialist cleaning services or expensive garment steaming equipment.

The gentle nature of steam cleaning makes it a viable alternative to many other methods of cleansing garments. In addition, the use of a steam cleaner makes the necessity for ironing less as steam naturally reduces wrinkles in clothing.



Similar Product Comparisons

Looking at garment care, a similar product to the SF-275 is the VonHaus Domestic Garment Steamer. With an attachable clothes hanger, trouser clamp and fabric brush, this concentrates on steaming garments, and has a 1.8 litre water capacity providing sixty minutes of continuous steaming. This steamer is also stronger than the SF-275. However, with no attachments to convert the cleaner into a general use item, this is highly restricted in its usage, and at double the price can be a more expensive option.

The Vax Steam Mop S7 is similar, with a number of attachments to enable multiple steam cleaning functionalities. With a 0.4 litre tank and 1,600 watt power output, the strength of the cleaner is greater than the SF-275 with regards to steam pressure. Additionally, the unit can be converted into a hand-held steamer or a mop-unit using the provided attachments. Although it does not come with a specific garment steamer attachment, it is still simple to convert the Vax Steam Mop into an item suitable for this use. As an all-round machine, this is more suited to general cleaning than the SF-275, but produces steam for 12 minutes instead of 45 minutes, and is also in the high-cost end of the range for steam cleaners.

Similar in style to the SF-275, the Kärcher SC1.020 multi-purpose steam cleaner is a cartridge cleaner. With much of the same functionality, the main difference is that this unit does not come with the number of accessories and attachments that the SF-275 has, reducing the number of things that can be accomplished when using it. The tank is also smaller, with a 4 metre operational radius. This unit is typically more expensive than the SF-275.

Care and Maintenance

The most common problem with all steam cleaning machines is the build-up of mineral deposits in the water tank. The best way to avoid this is to use demineralized water when filling the tank. However, built-up minerals can be removed using vinegar, in a method prescribed in the instruction manual for the unit.

Disposable items that come with the unit, such as cloth covers for certain cleaning accessories and scrubbing sponges can be easily replaced at low cost.

Should I buy it?

For the cost and functionality of the Steamfast SF-275, it is at the top of our recommendation list for a steamer that has both the functionality to clean, as well as steam garments. A more specialized garment steamer can be purchased at a greater cost, without the increased functionality to clean other areas of the house, while other steam cleaner units don't have the accessories that easily convert the unit to a garment steamer.

The Steamfast SF-275 is the steamer for all of your cleaning and steaming requirements.

Description: The Steamfast SF-275 is another diamond in a professional line of steam cleaners. We all know that the wrinkle free outcome is obvious, but its elimination of germs, allergens, and foul odors adds an element to our fashion forwardness that we can't help but appreciate. This machine is a lightweight, flexible solution, that hits hardest just where we need it to.
Manufactured by: Steamfast
Model: SF-275
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Rating: 4