Rowenta IS6200 Review

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The Rowenta IS6200 full size is large and powerful enough to be able to handle almost any size of garment or fabric you have. It has a built-in hanger, adjustable pole, and plenty of clips to hang pants and garments upright while steaming. One very handy feature is the pedal which allows you to turn the steamer on and off with your foot. Tilt the steamer upward and roll it like a suitcase wherever you need it; for easy storage, collapse the pole. Don't worry about burns - the hose is insulated and stays cool and so does the soft-touch handle even while the Rowenta is in use.


Some of the best features of the Rowenta compact valet full size steamer were clearly designed for the user. This model distributes a superior level of steam output from its large steam head, removing wrinkles quickly and easily. From the time you press the pedal with your foot, start your timer because in 60 seconds the unit is heated up and ready for use up to 1 hour of continuous steam. Not sure if you pressed the pedal? Check the indicator light. Rowenta shuts off automatically if the tank runs dry. The tank holds 2.89 litres of water with a clear view of the water level, additionally it is easy to remove only the tank to refill it rather than taking the whole machine to the tap. The Rowenta includes several intuitive accessories - among them are a crease attachment for making pants steam and crease as though ironed, a fabric brush for your delicate garments, and a lint pad.


For the usual selling price, the Rowenta compact valet full size steamer appears to be an economically sound choice. It is comfortable to use and simple to store. For complicated items such as ruffles, ruching, and gathers this steamer exceeds expectations. The hanger is convenient, and the machine can be gentle enough to freshen up garments as well as do a complete steaming. Consumers find it very straightforward to set up and use confidently.


There are few cons with the steamer. The pole is too short for some consumers. Other consumers complain that the clips are inadequate; some found the unit to be leaky.

Similar Product Comparisons

Rowenta also makes a Master Valet Steamer for use on garments and upholstery. This model has a 'roll and press' system akin to an ironing board or standing pants press, as well as an extra-large water tank which holds 4 liters. The Master Valet Steamer can run for up to 1.5 hours continuously. It has the familiar pedal with indicator light and telescopic handle with hanger that can be adjusted for height. The Master Valet Steamer rolls like a suitcase just as the Rowenta compact valet full size does.

The Precision Valet Steamer from Rowenta is advertised as a commercial-grade steamer for home use. If you want to move it around, use the adjustable pole and tilt and roll system. Different from the other steamers, the Precision Valet has a retractable extension cord and on-board storage of accessories. It also holds 4 liters of water but can run for 2.5 hours continuous steaming time.

Rowenta's Pro Compact Steamer is small, lightweight, and easily portable. Its extension cord is stored underneath the base of the unit, and the Pro Compact Steamer comes with upholstery brush and a door hook to hang garments from in order to steam them. This version heats up in 2 to 2.5 minutes and will run continuous steam from its 979.5 ml tank for up to half an hour.

Care and Maintenance

The Rowenta IS6200 should be emptied after each use and fully drained before long-term storage in a climate-controlled location. Wipe water off promptly to avoid mineral deposit spots. Clean your machine every 3 to 6 months depending upon use and mineral content of your water supply. Be sure to follow the full instructions in the user manual for best results.

Should I Buy It?

For smart shoppers who are looking for a garment and fabric steamer, Rowenta offers several choices. If you are going to purchase the Rowenta IS6200 machine with casual use in mind(a week's worth of garments or a spring cleaning of your furniture), then this may be the machine for you. It offers good amounts of steam for as long as you probably need to run it, and optimal storage for a full-sized steamer. Economically, if you would rather keep costs down and don't intend to steam clean large amounts every day, this machine ought to perform well in your home.

Description: The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer is at your service 24/7, keeping your casuals crisp and your tailoring tip-top. There's no need for aching arms, let the steam take the strain - compact and versatile, with built in shoulder and clip hangers, this personal Valet will ensure you're pressed to impress everytime!
Manufactured by: Rowenta
Model: IS6200 Compact
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Rating: 4