PurSteam Garment Steamers


I can't imagine how anyone can possibly carry on 'ironing' once they discover that there is a far better alternative to this humdrum chore.

How can they carry on ironing in the old fashioned way 'bored at the board'? Pressing clothes with an iron, for hour after depressing hour? Long dreary hours of backbreaking labour, tedium and ennui, sliding the iron backwards and forwards. How? Why?

I understand that there are a few people who might claim to actually LIKE ironing. But they are, I'm sure, a very small minority who delude themselves that the time spent ironing is 'satisfying'.

It takes all sorts.

(The rest of us normal people HATE ironing. We have a life to live.)

Could it be perhaps that they have never heard of PURSTEAM GARMENT STEAMERS?

Don't they yet know that using a garment steamer is a much better way to smooth out wrinkles and creases in clothes?

I should like to help enlighten these poor overworked smoothers of clothes by introducing them to the range of Pursteam Garment Steamers.

Pursteam Elite Heavy Duty Garment Steamer

A powerful garment steamer that will provide you with a whole hour of continuous steam.

At a heat of 248 degrees Fahrenheit the steam penetrates the cloth, going deep into the fibre, releasing the wrinkles and crumples faster than any traditional iron and leaving your articles 'smooth as a baby's bottom.'

Historical note. This powerful type of garment steamer was originally designed and made for use by tailors and outfitters to smarten and freshen their suits and dresses in their shops, at the point of retail.

Pursteam 850 Watt Fabric Steamer, For Home & Travel

A powerful portable garment steamer that heats up quickly and will only take a minute to steam smooth your shirt.

Pursteam Garment Steamers are safe to use on all kinds of water tolerable fabrics - from fine delicates, silks and satins, to heavier cloths and linens.

You may even eliminate the need for costly dry cleaners bills as the garment steaming process is perfect for delicate materials and smartens up your clothes making them look newer and more pristine than a flat iron can do.

A garment steamer can reach difficult areas of clothing that a mere flat iron can't do, relaxing and smoothing clothing articles more effectively.

With the Pursteam Garment Steamer there is no danger of leaving any scorch marks either, or unwanted shine on your trousers...

The advantages and benefits of Pursteam Garment Steamers outweigh the flat iron in so many ways.

Next time you have a 'pressing' engagement necessitating a 'board' meeting, don't spend time and energy at the ironing board (feeling flat and depressed). Throw away your ironing board! Use a Pursteam Garment Steamer instead, and steam through your laundry! Leaving you and your clothes 'shop-smart', sharp and fresh.

Be smooth, use Pursteam Garment Steamers.